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Bob Hogle




Bob relaxing in 1964



Bob with an award at the Legends

Bob with Jimmy Oskie

Bob with Jim Wood

Bob at the PAS

Bob withe Morales Brothers and their Tamale Wagon

Bob with Bob Sweet, the two on the left.

Bob with Dee Jones

Bob with Rosie Rousell

Bob with Don Edmunds

Bob with Sally and Joyce Jones

Bob with Sally and Sheldon Haudenschild

Bob woth Tony Simon and Parnelli Jones

Bob with Jimmy Oskie and Steve Howard

Bob walking away from a crash

Bob with Dean, Oskie and Billy Wilkerson

Bob with Mike Shaw, Jimmy Oskie and Art Loya

Bob with the trophy girl

Bob and a trophy girl

Bob and a trophy girl

Bob with some cuties

Bob with Tootsie and Don Edmunds

Bob with Ray Sheetz

Bob in the Tamale Wagon

Bob in # 1

Bob in # 73

Bob in # 1 - first time in the Tamale Wago

Bob's rides

# 1 at Imperial 1964

# 1

# 2 victory

# 2

# 5

Bob outside Paul Jones

Bob outside Hal Minyard

Bob wheels up at Imperial

Bob flipping at Imperial in 1962

# 71 Peat brothers T at Manzy

# 11 modified

# 11 modified

Bob in # 36 next to Parnelli Jones

Bob #1 with Stan McElrath in Pratt's # 12

Bob chased by AJ Foyt

Left to right Ned Spath, Gary Hill and Bob

Bob and Allen Heath

# 36 Bob in a modified

# 1 behind Hal Minyard

# 36 on the outside

# 4 inside Jim Steele to his 63rd CRA win

# 1 Bob leading Bob Coulter and Allan Heath

In order 1a-Bob Huebner, 1-Hal Minyard, 2-Bob Hogle, 20-Dick Fries, 16-Jimmy Miller

Bob in # 36 Mel Allen's car

Bob against Jim Burns

Bob on the inside of Dick Fries

Bob on the pole of the dash in the Tamale Wagon

Bob on the pole next to Gordon Willy with Don Thomas and Billy Wilkerson following

Bob with Gordon Wooley and Don Thomas

Bob in the Tamale Wagon

Bob in # 21 with A J Shepard and Bob Gibson

Bob under Paul Jones

Bob under Ned Spath

Bob outside Allen Heath

Bob and Billy Wilkerson

Bob with Paul Jones

Bob with Bob Coulter, Gary Hill and Ray douglas

Bob in # 1

Bob with Bob Coulter

Bob inside Stan McElrath

Bob chasing Paul Jones

Bob inside Jim Steele on his way to his 63rd CRA career

Bob with Hal Minyard

Bob won 63 CRA features and was a two time CRA champ in 1963 and 1968

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