Jimbo McCloski



Jimbo at work

Jimbo with Paul instructing

Jimbo at the ready

Jimbo on a tire

Jimbo working in the trailer

Jimbo big smile

Jimbo and Danny

Jimbo with Julie

Jimbo after I snuck up on him

Jimbo with Mrs Wags

Jimbo with Wags and Kacie

Kacie cutting Jombo's hair

Jimbo at Santa Maria

Jimbo in the trailer

Jimbo looking amazed

Jimbo asked for a Yager and he found it parked on a frozen pool at their rental house in Tulsa for the Chili Bowl

Jimbo as Rambo

Jimbo looking to the stars

OK who stole my beer?

Lets see E=MC2X or was that a bird flying over

Jimbo playing cards with Paul?

Jimbo ready to air it up

Jimbo at lunch

Jimbo in the pits

Jimbo with Randy


Jimbo doing what?jimbo


Jimbo with Karen B

Jimbo having a coke

Jimbo orking

Jimbo and the crew at Santa Maria

Jimbo with the winning team on the 4th of July at the PAS

Jimbo on a tire



Jimbo at Julie's Tony Stewart party with Julie, Shelly Ostling and Randy

Jimbo loose

Jimbo ready

Jimbo at the Salt Flats

Jimbo with Biggie's trophy for another record at the Salt Flats

Jimbo is a great sprint car mechanic and many other things. He was with the Kittle Motorsports crew for a long time and now calls Biggie's cars home

Updated 8/24/17